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Pronounced (“Jay-Pee”)

JP recently found out his name is actually John Paul (First & Middle Name) and not John-Paul (First Name) like last year. So, if you're a fan of 26 year old surprises, this is the scent for you!

What WE Say:

Super unique and, honestly, hard to put your finger on. Good "zesty" vibe to it, plus some warmness that'll make you feel great. Little sweet but not overbearing. Literally google “Cashmere Wood” and you’ll get the picture. 

What THEY Say:

Top Notes: Bergamot, Cardamom, Ginger, Grapefruit
Mid Notes: Apple, Geranium, Sage, Rose
Base Notes: Cashmere Wood, Vetiver, Cedar
Scent Family: Aromatic
Type: Eau de Parfum (22% concentration)


This cologne will last 4-6+ months based on usage.

Watch the review of the JP to get an in depth overview!

1.7FL. OZ | 50ML

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Ryan W.
United States

Smells amazing and my wife loves it.

Jodi L.
United States United States
It smells amazing!!

Great product! Great website! Fast delivery! Love the packaging!

Liberty B.
United States United States
Love the cologne... smells great!

Really love the smell of this cologne!!!

jon s.
United States United States
JP you great on me

Got sample pack. JP was my favorite. Others smell great too. Last long scents stay all day. Get compliments from young and older ladies. Oh yeah my wife loves it too. Good product, good business. Thank you Guy Foxy

A GUY FOX Customer
Amber L.
United States United States
I spray JP in strangers' faces and they thank me

This is how you want absolutely everyone and everything in your life to smell. You. Your boyfriend. Your boyfriend's mom. Your dog. Your boss. Your boss's boss. The chick on the subway who sits right next to you when there are 20 other seats open and decides to eat the ripest hardboiled egg of all time. The guy at work who tells everyone he switched to eco-friendly deodorant but you're convinced that all he does now is splash water on his pits and call it "natural". You get the point. Not only does the smell of this cologne instantly make you romantically attracted to whatever and whoever wears it—it also lasts THE ENTIRE DAMN DAY. Two sprays in the A.M. and I have boys ~and~ girls hitting on me for a solid 12 hours. I'm practically hitting on myself at this point. JP and Jefe are my favorites, the OGs, the go-tos, the oh-my-god-if-my-ex-would-have-smelled-like-this-I-might-have-married-him-and-had-his-kid-by-now. Thank god your ex didn't wear this when you were with him. So buy it for yourself instead. Fox out.

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