You bought a GUY FOX Starter Kit, now what?

Watch the short video below to get the most out of your cologne.

How to Wear Cologne 101

Step #1 - Spray two times on wrist and dab on neck (don't rub)

Your first burn is the most important. To make sure you have an even wax pool, be sure to leave your candle lit for at least 3 hours. By doing this, your candles lifespan will start off on the right foot.


Step #2 - Give one more spray on your clothes or directly behind your neck

By far the most neglected part of candle burning. If you don’t have wick trimmer, like most people, use a little piece of paper towel. Pinch the wick until about a quarter of an inch remains. Try to trim your wick after each burn.

Having a trimmed wick ensures your candle will burn smoothly and your wax pool stays clean.


Step #3 - Use your Starter Kit credit to get 50ml bottle

We use all natural coconut wax, which leaves natural soot in the candle container. It’s not a bad thing but not the most aesthetically pleasing. Simply get a dry or semi damp paper towel and wipe that stuff off.


How Not To Wear Cologne

This may come as a shocker but holding a lit candle is extremely dangerous! Don't do it...ever!


Don't #1 - No cologne cloud

Don't #2 - Don't spray too much!

Don't #3 - Don't eat it!

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