You bought a GUY FOX Starter Kit, now what?

Watch the short video below to get the most out of your cologne.

How to Wear Cologne 101

Step #1 - Spray two times on wrist and dab on neck (don't rub)

The most widely accepted form of wearing fragrance. Your wrists and neck are pulse points where the body naturally emits the fragrance. It's our favorite way of wearing it, just be sure to dab and NOT rub the scent to avoid dissipating it.

Step #2 - Give one more spray on your clothes or directly behind your neck

Hugs are awesome. When someone hugs you and they smell the back of your neck, it's compliment city. Spray behind your neck and/or on your clothes. You can spray more with the 2ml samples than the 50ml, so don't be too afraid to do both.

Step #3 - Use your Starter Kit credit to get 50ml bottle

Once you're done counting compliments, choose your favorite 50ml bottle and use your Starter Kit code we emailed you when you first purchased. (It might be in your spam if you can't find it!)

It's that easy!


How Not To Wear Cologne

Don't #1 - No cologne cloud

Doing that cologne cloud where you spray and walk into it...simply doesn't work. You're wasting a good amount of your fragrance. Instead, just extend your arm further and spray directly on your clothes.

Don't #2 - Don't spray too much!

Our theme is that scent should be discovered, not announced. Don't be that guy that wreaks of cologne when he walks in a room.

Don't #3 - Don't eat it!

Although our scents smell tasty, let's not put it in your mouth ;)

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