You bought a GUY FOX candle, now what?

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Candle Care 101 - Tips & Tricks

Tip #1 - First burn should be about 3 hours

Your first burn is the most important. To make sure you have an even wax pool, be sure to leave your candle lit for at least 3 hours. By doing this, your candles lifespan will start off on the right foot.


Tip #2 - Trim your wick!

By far the most neglected part of candle burning. If you don’t have wick trimmer, like most people, use a little piece of paper towel. Pinch the wick until about a quarter of an inch remains. Try to trim your wick after each burn.

Having a trimmed wick ensures your candle will burn smoothly and your wax pool stays clean.


Tip #3 - Clean your container

We use all natural coconut wax, which leaves natural soot in the candle container. It’s not a bad thing but not the most aesthetically pleasing. Simply get a dry or semi damp paper towel and wipe that stuff off.


BONUS TIP - Don't hold a lit candle!

This may come as a shocker but holding a lit candle is extremely dangerous! Don't do it...ever!


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