Announcing: Our New Hometown Label Series

Announcing: Our New Hometown Label Series

Our cologne bottles now feature maps of the hometowns of our friends! Check out how our fragrances were inspired by our friends and the places they call home.


Preston - Seattle, Washington

Thankfully, we have the real life Preston here in San Diego these days, but we wanted to draw inspiration from his hometown when creating the Preston fragrance. Washington is home to some of the best apples in the world, the fresh, crisp note at the forefront of this fragrance! (Really glad we went with the apple angle rather than a Pike's Place vibe 🐟)


Tyler - Chicago, Illinois

Our newest release and first scent in the 'Nois! Real life Tyler is from a city near Chicago called Peoria, but Chicago seemed like a more fitting tribute. Tyler's scent profile is very green/airy, which makes Chicago's Lake Michigan a perfect companion. Coastal Sage, Coconut Water, and Juniper are the main players in this fragrance and feels like you're strolling down Grant Park.


JP - Gilroy, California

First and foremost, let us assure you that the JP does not smell like garlic even though Gilroy is the garlic capital of the world. That said, Co-Founder Liam has tried to launch a garlic candle multiple, maybe we'll rep the 'Roy that hard someday. The JP's combo of Ginger, Apple, and Sage is bold, and it's the perfect homage to the plentiful produce that area has to offer.


Mikul - Tokyo, Japan

Definitely the most wild of all the maps, the real life Mikul has been living in Tokyo for the last year and a half. Tokyo is a concrete jungle, and this scent has that "going out" feel to it like you wouldn't believe. The main notes are Basil, Grapefruit, and a slight tinge of Tobacco so you can have a night inhaling delicious ramen without smelling like it.


Hermis - Los Angeles, California

It makes a lot of sense that our most fruit-forward fragrance was inspired by LA. Lemon trees in the backyard, orange groves just to the south, drinks featuring pineapple slices and fresh mint from the garden. It doesn't get any better, simple as that.


Grant - Placerville, California

Don't feel bad if you've never heard of Placerville. It's a little town in Northern California that just happens to be the hometown of Co-Founder Grant. However, if you've ever driven through California to Lake Tahoe or if you were big into gold mining in the mid-1800s, you probably noticed that Placerville is covered in all sorts of trees from redwoods and manzanita to oak and pine. Now you know why Grant is our woodsiest scent (without ever getting close to that Pine-Sol vibe we hate so much)!


Jefe - San Francisco, California

It only seems right that our best-selling Jefe was inspired by our original HQ location. The Aquatic vibes and Sea Notes tie in perfectly with Marina views and nightlife. Did we mention the Jefe features Bay Leaf...BAY Leaf. This just writes itself really.


Marra - Menlo Park, California

Menlo Park is nestled in the Bay Area's Peninsula and known for overpriced homes, nearby Stanford University, and beautiful scenery. Real life Marra is a firefighter there and has called Menlo Park his 2nd home (his 1st home being Gilroy 😉). Rosemary and Grapefruit really power this scent, which grows perfectly with Menlo's climate. Adding a tinge of Black Pepper cuts it nicely and never will overwhelm a room.

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