Meet the Maker Behind the Uzumati x GUY FOX Candle: Jaclyn Souza

Meet the Maker Behind the Uzumati x GUY FOX Candle: Jaclyn Souza

To help celebrate our first official collab with Uzumati Ceramics, we decided to ask the founder and one woman show Jaclyn Souza some questions about her business and more!
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We love a good company collaboration but we've waited *checks watch* 2 years to finally do one! What better time to do it when we're sold out of our candle containers? Luckily, Jaclyn Souza from Uzumati Ceramics makes some of the COOLEST ceramics we've ever seen, AND we can make candles in them! She's based in Walnut Creek (shoutout The Bay), is a badass business owner, and an avid outdoorswoman. 

To help celebrate our first official collab, we asked Jaclyn some questions about her business and more!

Jaclyn from Uzumati Ceramics

When did you get your start in stoneware? A lot of people took ceramics classes back in school, and it is HARD! Were you that one kid in class that just made way cooler stuff than everyone else?

Haha I wish!

I’ve always been a creative dabbler. I took a few non-pottery art classes in high school and college but It all started when I signed up for a local beginners throwing class and touched clay for the first time in the fall of 2016. Six months after having started, I quit my full-time job and launched Uzumati Ceramics.

What was the first piece you created that you made you realize, "Wow, I could probably make money from this?

I wanted to make a mug for my husband that would elevate his morning cup of Joe on any given routine weekday. Insert what quickly became a ‘must-have’ with all my friends, the Mountainscape. Shortly after having launched, this mug became my best seller and was spotted across the web — including a gift guide from Outside Magazine. I knew I had made a damn good decision.


We know you're an avid outdoorswoman and climber. What's your favorite place you've been?

I’ve been fortunate enough to travel all over the world for climbing. I think my favorite spot thus far was when I landed in Lofoten, Norway — an archipelago sitting in the Arctic Circle. The climbing was unbeatable. Gorgeous alpine granite lines without the alpine approach. Not to mention, it sits in the gulf stream so the weather was prime and being there in summer meant 24 hours of daylight!

Lofoten, NorwayYou're invited to a party with Alex Honnold (from Free Solo), and you need to bring a gift. What item from your store are you bringing?

If you know Alex, you know the only gifts he accepts are donations to his foundation. But if I had to bring something, It would be a Yosemite Valley Mug for obvious reasons.

A one-woman-run business is BADASS. What other women-owned brands inspire you?

The Bay Area has a vibrant community of creatives that I feel honored to be a part of. I am inspired by many badass women, but currently the work of Alex Steele, Kaleen Cameron, and Fiona & Johanna from Saffron and Poe has been giving me all the feels.

JaclynHaving your own business is amazing, but it also SUUUCKS sometimes. Can you think of a situation you were in that made you want to throw your computer out the window? (We know we can.)

This past month! I'm a do-er. I usually juggle many projects at once, but this month everything came crashing down when my kilns decided to stop working. Now, just as they are back up and running, we have mandatory local utility outages due to record high temperatures. That's my cue to hit the mountains for a much needed break.

Your go-to beverage that you put in your mugs/tumblers?

Topo Chico + Tequila + Lime = Ranch Water. The End.

The coolest way someone has reused one of your containers?

I had a customer order a large custom piece from me. Unfortunately, her rowdy kiddos broke it but instead of tossing it, she turned it into a fountain/bird bath in her yard — Pretty nifty.


Will our new Uzumati x GUY FOX candle help guys' rooms/apartments/houses look better than they do now?


Look, everyone can pretty much agree that first impressions are important. You don’t want yours to be the nasty scents that you’ve gone nose blind to. These candles are a sure way to instantly elevate your bachelor quarters. They are clean but not overpowering and have a subtle scent throw even when they are not lit. Not to mention their handsome design doubles as a tumbler after the candle has expired.

Has a space that smells good and buys sustainable products?? Ya, you’re a winner.

Haven't seen the Uzumati X GUY FOX ceramic candle yet? This is your cue.

Thank you so much to Jaclyn for helping us get to know her better and for making such awesome products! Check out her site today for more.