Introducing: GUY FOX Starter Kits!

Introducing: GUY FOX Starter Kits!

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What’s up, everyone! How’ve you been? Apologies for the radio silence on the blog front, but we’ve been working on re-stocking some new and improved samples. We’ve got new sample bottles and packaging that we’re really proud of.

Similar to our full size bottle packaging, the new sample boxes feature maps of San Francisco and Los Angeles as well as some fun little tidbits throughout.

Our new sample bottles feature some monochrome screen printing which provides a bit of a cleaner look that the sticker labels we used in the past.

New Samples

But wait…there’s more 🤭

As most of you know, we launched in November 2018 with a model that was centered around free sampling so that you could really easily try the three scents we thought would fit you best and then snag the full size bottle of your favorite. We’re firm believers that sampling should involve wearing fragrances in your everyday life, seeing how they react to your body, and that those samples should be tailored to your preferences.

However, we also believe that we’ve worked too hard and created too good of a product to give it away for free. So, how do we continue to deliver the sampling experience that you deserve in a way that our product deserves? It’s simple. We launch our GUY FOX Starter Kits!

LA Starter Kit

So, How Do Starter Kits Work?

  1. Our Starter Kits start with our Smart Sampling Quiz which allows us to get a better idea of which Starter Kit would fit you best, The LA Kit or The SF Kit.
  2. We'll send you the three sample size bottles that belong to your Kit and a Credit Code for the value of a full size bottle.
  3. You wear the samples, count compliments, and find your favorite.
  4. Then, just use your Credit Code, and we'll have a full size GUY FOX bottle to you in no time!

Starter Kit

Easy as that! Check out our Starter Kits today, and thanks as always for checking out GUY FOX.