Proper noun; pronounced: (hate)...but it's all love though

We're so proud to present our first San Francisco candle JUST in time for 4/20: The Haight. It's named after the Haight-Ashbury area, made famous in the 60s for being home base of the hippie movement which was quickly gaining popularity in the city. Psychedelic concerts in the street, long walks in Golden Gate park, chill days with new friends...The Haight represents all of it! Just a heads up, this isn't a candle with CBD/THC or actual weed...don't get any ideas! But it DOES smell funky in the best way. You'll catch a whiff of it over and over and like it more every time!

What WE Say:

Dude, this candle is dope. This candle is dank. This candle is gonna knock that joint/pen/blunt right out of your mouth! To be clear, it's not that stale, day-old smoke smell. Why would we make a candle of that? No, this is that spicy, funky, flowery goodness that would make Seth Rogen giggle. But it would also make your landlord say, "Damn, it smells good in here!" before asking for your past-due rent checks.

What THEY say:

Top Notes: Grapefruit, Pepper
Mid Notes: Cannabis Accord, Sage, Rhubarb
Base Notes: Patchouli, Oakmoss, Vetiver
Scent Type: Green/Woodsy
- 7oz // 40+ hour burn time
- Hand Poured in the USA
- 100% All Natural Coconut Wax Blend
- 100% Premium Quality Oils Sourced Around the World
- Vegan, Cruelty-free, Phthalate/Paraben-free
- Wood Cap (will not be branded w/ GUY FOX logo)

Everyone loves a good deal. 
1 Candle: $24.50
2 Candles: $49 + Free Shipping
3 Candles: $64 (12% Off) + Free Shipping

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