Which GUY FOX Scent Would These 6 Iconic Characters (Probably) Wear?

Here at GUY FOX we spend a lot of time pondering the important questions. How will we change the men's grooming industry? Why are the first 76 pages of any men's lifestyle magazine just ads? And, perhaps most importantly, if iconic characters found themselves in need of some new cologne, which GUY FOX scent would each of them choose?

Obviously, they'd take our Smart Sampling Quiz first, (you should do the same right after reading this blog,) but which would they ultimately choose? Let's find out together...

Unnamed Driver, Drive - Ryan Gosling

This character is a little hard to read. Mostly because he has, like, 14 lines in the whole movie. But we can be confident that he’s the kind of dude with grease on his hands and a scorpion on his jacket who may or may not bash in your skull. No biggie. A man of few words who kicks ass and knows car stuff? Sounds like a Hermis guy to me! With hints of mint, pineapple, and musk (shout out Elon,) the Hermis is going to help Gosling DRIVE the ladies crazy...get it?...about the driving joke...it's the title of the movie...ok, nice.

Don Draper, Mad Men - Jon Hamm

Don Draper is many things: Stylish, creative, a candidate for worst husband ever, and more. He is also the epitome of BDE. So, which GUY FOX would Draper choose above all others? Easy, he'd buy the Jefe, and Roger would probably scoff, but that’s ok because Draper fucks. Walking through the halls of Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Pryce smelling like mandarin orange, grapefruit, and jasmine is a surefire way to show that your name belongs on the door.

Nick Young, Crazy Rich Asians - Henry Golding

If you haven’t seen Crazy Rich Asians yet, I know what you're thinking, but no, Henry Golding does not play Swaggy P in this flick. He plays...well...an insanely wealthy Chinese gentleman! Nick is super suave, nice, and has a great sense of style. No doubt, his morning includes a spritz or two of something that smells amazing, but which GUY FOX scent would he choose? Simple: He’d buy the full set. This dude’s family has more money than God, he doesn’t have to pick just one. (Quick aside, why is ‘more money than God’ a saying? Do we think God is rich? Why would he [or she, @ArianaGrande] need cash? Anyway…) Nick would snag all six, but would end up wearing the JP the most. Our description is perfect for Henry Golding: Sweet, warm, but not overbearing.

Tom, 500 Days of Summer - Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Though JGL has recently pointed out that this character might have been a little bitchly, I’ll always like him. He’s going for that mild hipster vibe (listens to The Smiths, sings Pixies at karaoke, and lives in DTLA,) but thankfully he doesn’t ever go full hipster (never go full hipster.) He does, however, go full emo! For that reason and many others, Tom wears Grant from GUY FOX. We're talking cactus, we're talking pear, and you know we're talking orange and lavender.

Erik Killmonger, Black Panther - Michael B. Jordan

I’m not breaking any news here, but it still warrants pointing out: This dude is a bad man...in a "Mama, (30 second pause) there goes that man" type of way, of course. But he’s not just a ripped dude with zero substance! He wears denim jackets with shearling collars, he has the coolest hair in the movie, he’s covered in bumps, etc. He’s passionate, though misguided, and takes what he believes to be his which, in this case, is a bottle of Marra from GUY FOX. I know he seems like an intense dude, but he balances it all out with Marra's beachy vibe.

Wade Wilson/Deadpool, Deadpool - Ryan Reynolds

If Hollywood can't resist being overtaken by superheros, how can this list be expected to!? (I think Deadpool is technically an anti-hero, but you know wtf I mean.) Now, Deadpool is a tricky one because he really has two completely different lives. Prior to being a mangled, disfigured, basically invincible superhero Wade Wilson is a super sarcastic, super handsome mercenary, with an unreal gf. That dude smells like basil, ginger, and tobacco because he wears Mikul from GUY FOX, and it's basically not even fair to the rest of us. 

As for the post-horrible disfiguration at the hands of an evil dude version, Deadpool has a cool suit, awesome invincibility, don't get me wrong, but physically, he's described thusly, "You look like an avocado had sex with an older avocado." So, how do you overcome that? You don't. Even GUY FOX has its limits.

Listen, you don't have to be a famous actor to wear GUY FOX, but you do have to be iconic. Get your free samples today! Let's do this.